About Us

Hey there Everyone.  Thanks for Stopping By.  My Name is Jonathan Duncan, But I just go by Duncan.

I was a tenured Shopify Guru.  Just under 3 years spent on he front lines.  Almost half of that as a Plus specialist just working only on Plus stores.  My skills varied and I sorta spread out into all departments.  I found ways to use one teams tools to help another team in a way they did not think of.  And I took on those tickets that sorta fell into a Gray area.  Over front lines supports head, but did not really fall into any category of escaped support either.  I was the guy you poked for idea's when everyone else told you something was not possible.

"They said no one can do it?  Here hold my Timmies".  5pts if you know what a timmies is.

I helped build tools they still use there today, reports the Back end team still pulls, etc.  But because I did not really fit into any particular role, i was just sorta spinning in circles juggling all this stuff i found fun to do.  I also liked to get my hands dirty and take a Crack at the Unsupported stuff.  Take a look at my Blogs about Sections, and you will see what I mean.

Outside of work, I'm a part time dad of 2 amazing daughters, and I'm the most social nerd you will ever meet.  I like a good book, Video games, Great food, and having a beer around the bonfire with me mates.

By Working as a Partner/Expert, I can branch out and do all the things I was told was not my Job before including the unsupported stuff and Make. You. Money!


Thanks again for your time.
Hope to see you online.