Game Development

Isle of Misfit Code & Development is Also currently working on the Creation of 2 Computer Games.


The First is a Single player RPG Using RPGMaker MV.  This game will lean on the idea's of the older Final Fantasy Games, Suikoden Games, Elder Scroll games.  However we are going to try to build it with a Twist.  In this game.  You play as the bad guys.


The 2nd Game is being worked on OVERLY slowly as its much more complicated, and is based on Atavism Online.  We are building an MMORPG but that can be run on Older computers.  It will lean heavily as well on old school games like Ultima Online, & Everquest.  It will have a Player Run Economy.  Level system will only help determine HP and MP.  It will be casual, so that even casual players can play with their hard core friends without getting screwed, which is an issue with the current Systems.  We will be leaning Heavily on Synty Studio's Assets.