MMORPG: Dev Roadmap

Thank you again guys.  This is a very very Broad Roadmap.  We can break it down and make it bigger.

Step One.  Just get familiar with it.  

From the atavism Road map we are waiting on 3 things.

Premium Accounts, Talents, and the Launcher/Patcher.
Talents is the only one that might slow us down with abilities.

Step One: Models.  We need all the models setup in Unity from the assets, rigged with the files provided, etc.  I will be getting a step by step if i can on this, or if needed.  This is where Duncans skills go out the window.

Step 2: Lets get a testing Environment setup in game.  That's right.  That fast.  Once the models are setup we can start building mobs, Classes, and abilities to test them.

To start all abilities, weapons, etc will do the same damage.  The point is just to make sure they are working.  We can tweak after.  Setting up particles on spells, etc.

Step 3: Terrain.  We need the starting city and Newbie area built for the Demo.  

Step 4: NPCs, Merchants, and Quests for the Demo.  Equipment, etc.

Step 5: Kickstarter.