MMORPG: The Basic Idea's

Here is a General Run down of my goal.  This is subject to change and I am open to suggestions.

The Game is going to be Low Poly, at the moment we are focusing on Assets from Synty Studios.  The Game is going to go back to some of the graphical MMO Roots, like Ultima Online, and Ever Quest.

The Server is being Run using Atavism Online

Each Player when they make a character will Pick a class.  The Class will determine 3-5 Abilities Unique to the class, plus starting stats, and stats per level.  However Abilities aside from the Unique per class abilities are not limited based on class or level.  They are 100% skill based.  If you want to make a Mage who also uses Heal Magic and a Bow, you can.  Your Mage abilities will make you better with Mage style magic, but nothing stopping you from doing anything else.

The Only Stats that go up per level are Hit-points and Mana.  Everything else is based on gear, and skill level ups.  This means in Theory you could max out every skill, while still being level one.

 Classes will Fall into 3 Categories.  Basic, Advanced, and Premium.

Basic classes are the ones everyone gets.  Tank, DPS, Mage, Healer, and Craftsman (which is technically a Premium.  More on this below).

Advanced Classes will be released as DLCs, and can either be purchased, or unlocked through Quest chains (as can the rest of the DLC).  These are more or less modified versions of the Above.  So things like Ranger (with a pet), Necromancer, etc.

Premium Classes, are re-skinned Modified Versions of the above.  For example one I have Planned in a Dragon Tamer.  They will be a Ranger, but instead of being a Pet that is an animal, and a Bow, you would be a Mage with Baby Dragons as pets.  These can not be unlocked via quest chain, although I would be open to the idea of rewarding them to people for Big In Game events.

Craftsman will Also Be a Premium Class everyone gets.  I LOVE player run economies.  The Craftsman will have stats that make them hard to play in adventuring area's.  Also Anyone can pick up the crafting skills.  However Craftsman will get abilities like the ability to hire miners, Lumberjacks, etc and get resources on a regular basis without having to got Adventuring.  They will also start with their own Large instance.  A House with all the crafting tables, and room to build a farm if they want.

I have some other Premiums I want to do, but unsure if they will work yet with the current Setup.

Players will also be able to purchase their own instances to build homes, mines, etc.