Types of Work

Investigative: Investigative services are generally pretty cheap.  Its me using the knowledge and tools I  have to just look through your store and give suggestions.

Site Analysis: Whats slowing you down?

Plan Changes: What do you use? What do you need?  What Plan should you be on?

App Usage: Do you really need an app for that? Will it be cheaper in the long run to hard code it instead?


Deep Diving Issues: Deep diving issues are the ones that take time, lots of work, and generally lots of knowledge of the platform.  These are the type of things that tend to cost more money.

CSV Help:  If you need a CSV Build, or help fixing One.  I'm your guy.  CSVs were one of my Specialties when I worked for Shopify.

Building Sections or Splitting things into sections: I have built my own sections.  I can help you build yours.  I can also take things already in a web page and sectioning it for easy editing so you do not need to go play with the code every time.

Site Analysis 2.0: So we have Site Analysis above under investigative.  Which is fair.  I tell you whats broken.  But we put 2.0 down here, for incase you need me to dig into your code and start chopping out dead code from apps, etc.

Data Retrieval:  Thats right folks.  I go get your deleted stuff back on shopify.  Lets be clear on something with this. This is one of the few things I do that you will be charged for, even if i cant get everything or anything back.  Shopify is not setup for data retrieval in any way.  We have a very small window to grab anything back, and there is a chance you get a lot more back than you wanted.  With very few exceptions You generally have 24 hours or Less to get the data from Shopify from the time its deleted, IF they can even get it back.  No one knows the window time frame and everything is different.  My Fastest Data Retrieval for products took me 2 hours and 15 minutes.  My Longest took me 28 hours straight (no sleep).  Blogs, Pages, etc  Much easier to do.  But again, Very small time frame.  For this one, I generally charge by the hour rather than flat rate it.  There are a ton of hiccups and heartaches that come with data retrieval. 

Site Backup & Storage: That's right.  If you want I will go in and backup your site for you.  Themes, Products, Customers, etc.  And I will store that info on my end in case you need it.  We can either do this on a case by case, or setup as a retainer fee with set times I go do it.


The Above are just examples of some of the stuff I do.  Give me a shout, let me know what you need.  I let you know if i can do it.