MeshTint Modular Polygonal Asset Setup

Digitally Reincarnated Technologies

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This Add-on Does NOT Contain the Mesh-Tint Asset, Models, or Texture files.  This Add-on Sets up the PREFABS along with the Atavism Files.


Requires:  Unity 2018.2 LTS or Better
Requires Atavism X.1 or higher


6074 Prefabs in Total.
592 Prefabs for Customization.  Character Customization Scene coming soon
1338 Armor Equipment Display Files for Atavism.
580 Weapon Equipment Display Files for Atavism.
3564 Prefabs for Models.

The Add-on itself Takes care of Atavisms Missing ability to deal with the Skinned Mesh Armor.  It also takes into account Male and Female versions of Gear, So that people do not have to worry about Gender Specific Gear.

Coming Soon:  Skeletal Modular & Wings kits (will be included in this Addon at no additional Cost.

Use of the Skeletal and Wings Packs will Require:
Skeletal Pack:

Wings Pack: